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KirkiDashi Knife
I wanted to thank you for 888 Professional's lightning fast service. After your last message, I ordered 2 of the KirkiDashi knives - one for me, one for my father-in-law. You may see a pattern emerging here, I can't seem to only order one for someone else. I no longer remember if the original knife had thumb serrations, but I like them, and I must say the new lock mechanism looks like it matches the durability and balance of the knife. Again, thank you, and I look forward to adding these great little knives to my EDC rotation.
- D.P.

SOL Knife: 5 Star Rated
Neat Design, I only wear with dress pants. Love the small serrated edge. Little knife that can handle bigger jobs. Well made, solid
-PJC From Richfield Wisconsin

Dear Triple Eight Professional,
Just wanted to introduce myself, say hello, and wish you continued success with your awesome knife designs. I'm really impressed with the designs."
- Aaron L. - Editor of Knife Blog "Sharp, Bright & Tactical

Little Workhorse
Dear 888, I just bought a Triple Eight Professional S.O.L. Knife and it's just a perfect little workhorse of a knife, and the price is unbeatable. My 14-year-old son bought a Kershaw folder recently but keeps asking to play with my S.O.L. because it's just so cool. I'm
thinking about ordering several for family members!
- R.P. Arkansas


SurvivIT Tool: 5 star rated...a geardo must have!
Purchased mine from another dealer but am very pleased to see my favorite knife dealer (Knife Center) carrying this brand at a great price. For all you geardos out there, this is the one to have in your pocket. Small on size, big on utility. Once you figure out how to open the darn thing you'll be practicing with it for several minutes to get the feel of it. It clips easily to your front pocket or MOLLE gear. I have the Cop Tool because it provides multiple uses in one versatile knife. The rotating hinge (it's more like an axle) is very smooth and the locking mechanism is positive. I don't leave home without mine. At these prices (lowest I've seen anywhere) you can afford to buy several and hand them out to your battle buddy as gifts. Hooah!
- Jimmy J. From Fort Campbell, KY

Perfect EDC
I just ordered all you models. Looking forward to get those knives in use...I think that you have made a perfect EDC-product.
- Major K. T. • Finnish Defence Forces

Handgunner's 35th Anniversary

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