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What does Triple Eight Professional™ mean?
Funny, but this is the one question we get quite often. “Triple Eight” has two meanings:

  1. In Christianity, 8 is the number of new beginnings and in Asia, the number 8 is considered lucky and represents prosperity just as the number 7 is considered lucky in the West.
  2. Three 8’s as in “Triple Eight” is just a cool number any way you look at it.

The word “Professional” represents our total commitment to our authentic brand. Triple Eight Professional™ products are developed with the input of Law Enforcement, Military, Fire and EMS and adventure outdoor enthusiasts. The Triple Eight Professional™ brand is built on years of working in the professional channels in hard and soft goods for some of the biggest brands in the business. Since we are authentic, our products are made to appeal to the Top 1-Percent — yet offer excellent value and deliver years of use to those of us in “less strenuous” professions!

Where can I buy a Triple Eight Professional™ Everyday Carry Tool?
Right here on the website; just click "add to cart" on the product description pages.

With all the millions of knives out there, what’s so special about the Triple Eight Professional™ line of Everyday Carry Tools?
We started the design of the knives, and for that matter we started the company, with three very simple ideas:
  1. Design products the way people actually use those products. For instance in our knife line, it means making them small enough to carry every day and tough enough to do the things most knife companies don’t want you to do with their knives; like pry open paint cans, jimmy the door when your 8 year old son locks himself in the TGI Friday’s restroom (don’t ask) or any instance where you’d rather use your car key to pry something open instead of ruining the unobtainium finish on your $250.00 hammer of death tactical folding knife. 
  2. Make the operation of the knife fun and addictive to use like a Zippo Lighter (chachink), Bic Pen (click click) etc. In other words, make sure the knife is fun to carry everyday.
  3. Deliver knives with exceptional quality, a world class warranty and for a price working folks could afford.

How does the knife work?
Click here for instructions.

Why is it better than other knives its size?
We designed the knife to address real world situations, like prying off old paint can lids if you’re a civilian, cutting seat belts or opening a stuck window during a rescue if you’re a first responder or even plain old everyday cutting chores. In order to do this we had to create an innovative new action and locking system. The weakness of most knives is that they were designed as just cutting tools and as a result the blade attaches to the handle with the use of a tiny pin or pivot. The Triple Eight Professional™ Everyday Carry line was designed with patent pending T8P Technology incorporating a massive axle for the blade to rotate on as well as an innovative deployment system that’s effective, safe and fun to operate.

What are the blades made of?
The blades of all of our knives are made of heat treated AUS8 Stainless Steel.

How big are they?
All Triple Eight Professional™ Everyday Carry Tools are designed with the following dimensions:

Length/Closed:        3” (76.2 mm)
Length/Opened:      4.25” (107.95 mm)
Length of Blade:      1.25” (31.75 mm)

What do they weigh?
All Triple Eight Professional™ Everyday Carry Tools weight 2 oz. (56.7 grams)

How do I maintain it?

  1. Your Triple Eight Professional™ Everyday Carry Tool is a high performance piece of equipment and with proper care should serve you for years to come. For best performance, always store your knife in a dry environment. If your knife gets wet, make sure the knife is thoroughly dried and re-oil with a light oil. Remember to oil the knife two to four times a year depending on usage. Do not leave excessive amounts of oil on the knife and if rust appears or starts to develop, hand buff off with a cloth and re-oil. It’s important not to drop the knife as it could damage the cutting edge or the knife body. Also, if the blade edge is damaged, file any burrs off and sharpen as described below.
  2. How to sharpen: On straight edge, a flat wet stone can be used. Use standard oil or water wet stone and grind then hone in cutting edge. On serrated or hooked cutting edged use a round stone or diamond file.
  3. To sharpen, tip the blade 15 degree up from the stone. Use a cutting action across the stone (in other words, push the blade, cutting edge first across the stone).

What’s my warranty?
If you’re not happy with the material or workmanship of your Triple Eight Professional™ product, we’ll repair or replace it for the life of the product. This warranty does not cover damage caused by my eight year old son, who can break a bowling ball in a rubber room.

Knife use and safety information:
All knives are designed for cutting, additionally the SurvivIt Tool™, is designed for cutting, scrapping and prying. Remember to always, always, cut away from your body and a sharp knife is much safer than a dull knife!!!

How can I get my Triple Eight Professional™ Knife custom engraved?

  1. Custom engraving is available. Cost will vary depending on quantity and amount of engraving. Minimum quantities may apply. For a quote, please contact 888 Professional™, Customer Service Department.

Who’s Roy Huntington and what’s a SurvivIt Tool?
The SurvivIt Tool™, designed by retired police officer Roy Huntington, who has written about knives for over 20 years and is the editor of American Handgunner Magazine, shows his 24 years of real world police experience. The seat-belt/line cutter, prying/scraping blade and serious serrated cutting edge, puts “big tool” power in a tiny package. The Triple Eight Professional™ SurvivIt Tool™ is tougher than other folding knives two or three times its size. By the way, it’s not just for cops or firefighters either — anyone who needs a pocketful of power will see the advantages of carrying the Triple Eight Professional™ SurvivIt Tool™ everyday for years to come.

Who’s Kirk Rexroat?
Master Knifesmith and amazing craftsman, Kirk Rexroat’s handmade works of art normally sell for over $2,500 each! Kirk is an artist, plain and simple, but he’s also an enthusiast who wants to see more people carry, use and enjoy the clean lines of his blades and enjoy their excellent fit and finish.  His WrightKnife™ and S.O.L. Knife™ top the list when it comes to usefulness and functionality.

What does S.O.L. stand for?
The Triple Eight Professional™ S.O.L. Knife™ has a blade designed by famed custom Knifesmith Kirk Rexroat and is based on the legendary OSS Thumb Dagger. The OSS was the spy agency in WWII prior to the advent of the CIA and issued Thumb Daggers to their spy’s for use as a last ditch weapon when a spy was in a dangerous situation. It usually meant that the spy had no other weapon available to him or her and as a result they were S*** Out of Luck. We think the blade is an interesting every day shape and useful for a wide variety of cutting chores.

Why’s it called the WrightKnife™?
The AUS8 stainless steel blade of the Triple Eight Professional™ WrightKnife™ was designed by Wright, Wyoming’s Master Knifesmith, Kirk Rexroat. The WrightKnife’s™ more conventional blade design is, well, the right knife for most of your cutting chores. Featuring T8P patent pending technology, the WrightKnife™ delivers outstanding lateral strength and compact dimensions. 

How to Become a Triple Eight Professional Dealer?
Located in San Diego, California, Triple Eight ProfessionalTM creates durable, innovative and authentic products developed with the intense input of law enforcement, Fire/EMS, military professionals and outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Built on a commitment to delivering quality, dependability and value in both hard and soft goods, the Triple Eight ProfessionalTM product line has already created a tremendous buzz in the professional and outdoor markets.

If you're interested in becoming a Triple Eight Professional Dealer please email us at or call us at 858-382-0055 to learn about the benefits of selling one of the fastest growing brands in the professional equipment business.

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